OpenStack Services

Do you want to have a high-performance vehicle, continuously improving your application? Surely, yes! That's why it's time to outsource DevOps functions to a dedicated team and let your developers focus on product release rather than on its maintenance.

Alpacked outsourced DevOps services let you offload your development team, while we work on creating the work systems that enable dev teams to be more productive and deliver better results.

Benefits of DevOps outsourcing

As compared to traditional in-house team

Precise KPIs defined

The KPIs is the best indicator of performance. When you sign a SLA agreement, you arrange all KPIs, that directly reflect your business needs. It's achievement = success of the project.

Comprehensive skill set

DevOps outsourcing companies usually practice such approach as inter-project staff switch. Such step outside the comfort zone allows them to train and educate staff to work with different technologies and handle more unexpected cases.


Usually there is no fixed payments as it comes with an in-house staff. DevOps outsourcing companies allow flexible tariffs according to your needs here and now.

Knowledge share

DevOps engineers as any other IT gurus love to share knowledge and brainstorm the ideas to solve the challenges. It's always a good idea to look at the issue from the different angle and find the best solution for it!

Independency of IT staff turnover

It's not a constraint anymore if a specialist leaves. The substitution will be found immediately, not interrupting the work processes.

Flexible human resources

You can involve more engineers or request more hours, when there is any urgent task and decrease the resources, when you need only maintenance or support.